Excellent teamwork and problem-solving at the Sedbergh Academic Challenge

Our thanks to Sedbergh School for inviting our teams to join them for the Academic Challenge. The U13 and U11 teams enjoyed a super afternoon of teamwork and problem-solving. We are pleased to report that the U13 team come out as the overall winners!

The Sedbergh academic challenge was made up of three parts, the first one was to make towers made of spaghetti and marshmallows. Some were big, some small and to see who could get the highest of the competing teams. We went big, but our towers were a bit rickety to say the least and struggled a little for robustness. Secondly we went upstairs and made a front cover for a newspaper. This newspaper was about a rugby ball that was sent to space in the discovery space shuttle in 1993 and was signed by famous US astronauts who were on a mission to examine the hole in the ozone layer. We had 20 minutes to design these and in the end Aysgarth won, with Rossi M creating an amazing title: ‘One small step for Sedbergh, one giant hole in the ozone layer!’. Finally we had a quiz made up of three main sections. General knowledge which was our thing as we had been practising it, maths and riddles. Winning by about one point, Aysgarth managed to win a close fought competition. We won a fluffy toy wolf which we named Lupa. Overall it was very fun and great that we kept our winning streak! (Third year in a row)

Luke Greenhill

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