Paddleboarding Challenge for a Cause: Aysgarth Community Member Takes on 163-Mile Trek

Sara Edgar, Head of English at Aysgarth School, has embarked on a remarkable journey that transcends the classroom. Inspired by the ethos of personal growth and community support instilled in the school's culture, she's set out to push her limits both physically and mentally.

Taking up paddleboarding as a passion four years ago, Sara sought to elevate this leisurely pursuit into a formidable challenge. Upon discovering the coast-to-coast paddleboard challenge spanning 163 miles from Liverpool to Hull, she was captivated. Inspired by the remarkable feat of Jo Mosley, she set her sights on completing the arduous route, a feat achieved by only a handful since 2019.

Driven by a desire to extend her support beyond personal achievement, Sara sought out a cause close to her heart within the Aysgarth community. There, she found inspiration in the resilience of a young man named Jago, who has bravely faced numerous surgeries due to a port wine stain birthmark covering one third of his face. His unwavering determination to help others facing similar challenges led her to support the charity Changing Faces.

Commencing her journey on March 27th and aiming to conclude by April 7th, Sara invites the community to rally behind her ambitious endeavour by donating to Changing Faces. As she navigates the waterways, her journey can be followed online, offering an opportunity for the community to share in her adventure and support a worthy cause.

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