Remote Aysgarth

While pupils enjoy the last week of the School holidays, Aysgarth staff are preparing to deliver more than just the curriculum to pupils remotely. Headmaster Rob Morse explains, in developing Remote Aysgarth, we have tried to ensure that we maintain as many aspects as possible from what is offered when the children are physically on-site. Whilst I am naturally the most biased person in the world, I truly believe that Aysgarth is a genuinely special environment and what makes it so distinctive goes way beyond the mere delivery of an academic curriculum. To this end, we have done our utmost to develop an offering that goes considerably beyond the simple setting and marking of work.

But the essence of Aysgarth goes beyond this. The pastoral care, support for individuals and the ability for the children (and parents) to contact staff is paramount, and this remains unchanged.

But again, Aysgarth stands for more than this alone. It is about the development of character, of camaraderie, of respect and service to others. This too, is a feature of Remote Aysgarth. We will continue with morning chapel and a weekly Sunday service. Our assemblies will provide an opportunity to disseminate key messages with regard to values, charity and civic duty. We are also looking to develop activities outside of the norm – watch out for cooking, gardening and theme days. Remote Aysgarth may not offer the same experience as being here in person, but we will do our very best to ensure that it is stimulating, enjoyable and worthwhile.

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