Shakespearean Mastery

Schools like ours offer a unique advantage to pupils by providing flexibility in their curriculum. This flexibility enables schools to tailor education to better suit individual needs and interests, fostering a more enriched learning experience. A prime example of this flexibility is evident in the recent update to the LAMDA curriculum for Form 3 by Jon Bentham, Head of Drama.

In this instance, the school has chosen to replace the standard curriculum with a bespoke Shakespeare course. This decision not only aligns with the pupils' ongoing drama lessons but also draws upon the expertise of a director experienced in youth Shakespeare projects. The result is an engaging exploration of Shakespearean scenes, exemplified by the recent recreation of the Viola and Sir Andrew Aguecheek duel from "Twelfth Night."

Crucially, these lessons occur in small groups during breaks, lunch, or quiet reading sessions to minimise disruption to other subjects, highlighting the adaptability of schools like ours. Furthermore, the pupils will be assessed on the new 'Shakespeare for performance' syllabus, reinforcing their understanding of iambic pentameter and famous speeches, enriching their education in a way that extends beyond standard curricular boundaries.

Moreover, the opportunity for pupils to perform an abridged Shakespeare play in the Reynolds Hall during the summer showcases the depth of experience independent schools can offer. This personalised approach to education, which transcends rigid curriculum constraints, equips pupils with a broader and more diverse skill set, fostering a love for learning and a well-rounded education that extends beyond the classroom. We empower pupils to explore their passions and nurture creativity.