We all sing together - Zadok the Priest

Welcome video

Zadok the priest - Rehearsals

Warm up exercises - should you wish to warm up!

Video - 1st movement at soprano / treble pitch

Video - 1st Movement - soprano part played at a lower pitch

Video - 2nd Movement

Video - 3rd Movement


YouTube recordings of individual voice parts for each movement.

However, you may sing the Soprano part at any pitch if you would prefer - remember the aim of this is for us all to sing together and enjoy. Everyone is welcome to sing.

Score and text

Here is the copy of "Zadok" with all the choir parts and accompaniment.

Here is the text for Zadok written out phonetically.

Movement 3 is difficult and it is better to memorise the words than trying to follow just the words as you can lose your place quite easily.

The most beneficial way of learning the whole piece without the music notes, but with the text is to learn it all from memory by singing along with the professional recordings.



Orchestral Parts

For anyone that can and is willing, please learn your instrumental part - it would be good to have you to play in the performance.

All the right notes in the right order - only!

Professional recordings of Zadok to enjoy, sing along to or practise with.