World Mental Health Day

It has been wonderful to see so many news stories across the globe today for World Mental Health Day and Aysgarth has been no exception. This morning, we welcomed Teenagers Translated founder Janey Downshire into School to talk to Form 4 and 5 boys for the first time this academic year. They had group discussions about their social and emotional skills that are vital for future resilience and mental wellbeing. But prior to that, all of the boys had time with their form tutor, and their house parent as they started the day, followed by the afternoon of sport, outdoor activities and a good dose of playing.....and that is all just a regular Monday! Our social media feeds are filled with camps, active learning and pizza nights that shows just how important an all-round education is. We encourage you to follow us on social media by clicking in the feed below, if you don't already, to get an insight into what our days at Aysgarth looks like. 

Happy children will learn and we have them in abundance here at Aysgarth.