2022 Jameson Run

On Thursday 13th October we hosted our very own cross-country fixture called 'The Jameson Run'. The name is to honour the loving memory of Michelle Jameson (matron) who was adored by so many within the Aysgarth community. Michelle had a clear passion for running and competed for Cheshire Harriers during her youth. Therefore, I came up with the idea of organising our own cross-country event and the naming. We hosted Pocklington, Stonyhurst & Terra Nova School to compete with us and turned out to be a very successful and enjoyable day for Aysgarth. 

U13s - 4.5km

Team results

1 Aysgarth A 27
2 Terra Nova A 39
3 Stonyhurst 47
4 Pocklington 50
5 Aysgarth B 89
6 Aysgarth C 125
7 Terra Nova B 160


U11s (3km)

Team results

1 Aysgarth A 17
2 Stonyhurst 41
3 Pocklington 49
4 Aysgarth B 59
5 Terra Nova B 106
6 Aysgarth C 109


Under 9 (1.5km)

Team results

1 Aysgarth A 30
2 Stonyhurst 35
3 Pocklington 39
4 Aysgarth Tigers (Pre-Prep) 59
5 Aysgarth B 65
6 Aysgarth Lions (Pre-Prep) 121
7 Aysgarth Pumas (Pre-Prep) 130
8 Aysgarth C 146
9 Aysgarth Cheetahs (Pre-Prep) 164
10 Aysgarth Leopards (Pre-Prep) 169
11 Aysgarth Jaguars (Pre-Prep) 224

This was a fantastic event, and thrilled to make 'The Jameson Run' an annual thing! Well done to all the Aysgarth children to take part and complete the course. Special thank you to all the games staff and classroom teachers for making the event run so smoothly. A special mention must go to Andrew 'Percy' Percival for all your hard work with all the preparations prior to the event. If there was an award for Groundsman of the Year, Percy would certainly get my nomination - what a signing for Aysgarth School! For next year we will aim to have more competitors to make this a really competitive event. Unfrountatly this year we had 4/5 schools pulled out last minute. However, this is something to build on and 'The Jameson Run' can be one of the major fixtures of the cross-country calendar for Prep School sport. 

Alex Lane, Director of Sport