Shrewsbury School cross country championships 2020

'Run hard, run well!' encouraged Sam Griffiths, Shrewsbury School race organiser. 


Every pupil within the School from PP2 up to Form 5 took part in the Shrewsbury School cross country championships. The virtual competition ran over 3 different courses, the U9 race was 2.2km, U11 race was 3.2km and U13 race was 3.7km. Mr MacLelland set out the courses within the School grounds and around the sports pitches over varying terrain. He was pleased to be able to include the Pre-Prep children in PP2 and PP3 within the competition. 

The pupils ran within their year groups at different times during the School day over the different courses to ensure that their was no mixing of bubbles. It was a pleasure to watch the pupils supporting each other throughout the challenge, and cheering each other on to produce some impressive performances. 


U9 2.2km
Monty F 10.28
Sebastian K 10.34
Finlay P 10.37
Cressida O-P 10.44
Barnaby L 11.09
Alistair C 11.10
Edward W-O 11.11
U11 3.2km
Thomas C 15.10
George M 15.15
William B 15.26
Rafe W-R 15.42
Henry C 15.48
Albert T 15.52
Archie L-F 15.55
U13 3.7km
Oliver A 16.25
Seb F-W 17.27
Oscar F 17.49
Hugo B 17.49
Toby S 18.03
Charlie D 18.05
Alfie C 18.21