St Olaves U12a winners

One of the best days of schoolboy cricket I can remember! Blazing sunshine and a really exciting format for our U12 cricketers to be involved in.

St Olave's did a wonderful job in providing such a colourful and well organised day, enjoyed by all the players, coaches and parents, bringing back many fond memories of a time before the pandemic.

The Aysgarth squad played 4 matches, two in the group stages beating St Olave's A and Yarm, before a semi-final victory over St Olave's 'B' and then winning an outstanding and nail biting final against St Olave's 'A'.

The squad showed real determination, resilience, adaptability and great decision making under pressure throughout the day and this was the foundation on which the team's success was built. Seven hours in the sun playing cricket required as much mentally as it did physically and I could not be prouder of the group.

Whilst I do not normally mention individual players, I think it is right to mention the heroic efforts of player of the tournament Oscar F and Billy R who spent the whole day swapping his batting and wicket keeping pads over with limited breaktime and performing so admirably particularly later in the day when fatigue had set in.

Well done to all involved! I hope that the day will provide everyone with many fond memories.

Mr Mac