Pupils' and parents' view

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What do our parents say about Aysgarth?

We thought it would be useful for you to read anonymous comments given by parents when asked in a survey "In your own words, what would you highlight when describing Aysgarth to other parents":


Quintessentially boys’ own, rooted in a world of pillow fights, muddy pitches, secret tuck and Jerusalem, yet with a serious goal to launch the boys into the modern world, via the country’s top Public schools.
It is a traditional boys’ prep school doing what it does exceptionally. It feels a bit dated but the boys are happy and they succeed academically.
High standards of education and pastoral care, good sport, excellent music and choral opportunities, a good boarding experience with much fun to be had
The boys love it. They are encouraged to have fun and that the staff fully participate in this. Also the fact that there are proper boundaries which the boys are taught to respect and that they learn to respect and support each other. The academic standards are high and excellent results achieved.
A cosy, friendly, fiercely efficient and sufficiently competitive school with the right quantity of steel inside the velvet glove.
I would say the young dynamic staff guarantee a sound education and entry into the secondary school of your choice. A strong caring ethos shines through from chapel in the morning to the quiet reading time in the evening. If your boy is sporty he will naturally thrive.....if not, he may have to work a little harder to shine. Music has always been in all aspects of the school day which adds such a wonderful dimension. An all-round education it would be very hard to match...
They cater well for full boarders and he never seems to want to come home at optional weekends. I need never worry that he won't be looked after and cuddled when I am not there and he has had a bad night’s sleep or feels ill. Even though he is sporty he has the option to shine elsewhere in school life and when asked who his friends are he says ‘everyone’ and means it!
Attendance at Aysgarth is the very best gift we could have bestowed upon our son, and we feel blessed that he is developing into such a fine young man.
When our son started at Aysgarth, he could hardly read or write. Aysgarth eventually found ‘the key’ to unlock his potential and he is now thriving at senior school. An Aysgarth success story!
I love their traditional values and that boys are well prepared for Public School and settle in much quicker than their peers.
If you want to make a resilient young gentleman with good values and adaptability. If you want to make strong friendships and develop in sport, music and enquiring mind - bring him to the table having done a good job and Aysgarth will hold your hand and take him to the next level.


Boys at Aysgarth help answer some questions...

Age 9 (Young Boarder)

Q. What do you enjoy about boarding?
A. "You are never alone - you always have your friends for company"

Q. How long is a typical school day?
A. "Quite long, but not too long".

Q. What do you do in the evenings?
A. "We have lots of fun with our friends - we do activities and play outside".

Q. How old were you when you came to Aysgarth? Was it hard at first? Did you/do you get homesick at all?
A. "It was hard at first being away from home but it gets easier. I am sometimes homesick, but Matron is always there".

Q. What is the food like?
A. "There is a large range of delicious food available".

Q. How often do you communicate with your parents?
A. "I can email home as much as I want and I ring home twice a week".

Age 11 (Day Boy)

Q. What do you like most about Aysgarth?
A. "I have lots of friends here and I can join in with all the activities".

Q. Do you miss out on the boarding side or do you still get involved in activities?
A. "I would like to board soon as it looks great fun, but I can join in with all the activities".

Q. How much time do you spend at Aysgarth?
A. "I arrive at School at 8am and go home after activities in the evening at 7:30pm. It’s a long day but there is so much to do".

Q. How often do all boys go to chapel?
A. "We go to Chapel every day, sometimes I have to come in for a Sunday Service".

Age 11 (Older Boarder)

Q. Did you make friends quickly when you came to Aysgarth?
A. "Yes I made friends quickly with the boys in my dorm and Form 1 camping trip enabled me to make friends quickly with the boys in my class".

Q. What do you do at weekends?
A. "There are lots of activities to do at the weekend like trips to 'Wet n Wild', climbing at 'Rock Antics', the waterslide and shooting. I also like playing in the valley and the grounds around School making dens and playing with my friends. My favourite activity is Spotlight which we play in the Autumn Term. I have only been caught once so far by Mr Barlow near Main Field"!

Q. What are your favourite subjects and why?
A. "History and Maths are my best subjects, I love learning about the big battles in History and how they shaped the country we live in now. Maths is fun with Mr Bullas"!

Q. Which school do you hope to go on to and why?
A. I am going to do the Eton Test so I hope to pass that and go to Eton when I have completed Common Entrance. I think Eton is a great school and we have strong links with the Eton".

Q. What will you remember about Aysgarth?
A. "Knocking over Mr Barlow on the waterslide and the fun we have when boarding".